Welcome to Dead Hills, A Mobile Gaming Company


Dead Hills creates entertainment and fun. In our games we want the experience to be more that just a game, interject realism, history and characters that either currently or did exist in history. 

Please note, the Dead Hills Website includes the original “script” for your education and enjoyment.  In some cases where he/she is still alive, we have changed the name(s) and distorted reality to shield the identities of the living characters.  Please enjoy the experience, we hope you learn and are entertained with our game, your journey. And, don’t forget to enjoy the script.

Dead Hills is an early-stage company based in Atlanta, GA. Started in mid-2019, Dead Hills, LLC is a mobile gaming app company, developing products for both Android and IOS.  The planned apps currently on the drawing board include Devil’s Temple, Mission:  Die Spy and Code Name: Gibraltar.

Our mission is to create excitement, enjoyment and knowledge for our gamers, and provide an attractive return to our investors.

For all information, including Investor Packets, we can be reached at the following:


Richard Thomas Alme

“For Accredited Investors Only”

Email: richard.alme@deadhills.co